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Simultaneous interpreting

Interpreting is the oral transmission of the spoken word. Interpreting is used whenever it is necessary to ensure that the international audience can follow a lecture, a presentation, an important business meeting, a notarial protocol or a court hearing live and without any loss of time in their respective native language.

Simultaneous interpreters are used for larger conferences. They always work together in pairs in their booths and immediately speak every word of the lecture into their headsets. The spoken word is transmitted live to the audience via the corresponding audio channels.

No matter which industry your conference or international meeting relates to: Our interpreters translate every spoken word without delay into the desired language - and back again. You can always rely on our expertise in these areas:

  • complex economic & financial topics
  • new insights from medical technology
  • current jurisprudence
  • developments and transactions in the real estate world
  • innovations in the automotive industry

Consecutive interpreting

Negotiations and conversations in a small discussion group are usually interpreted consecutively. This means that  one of the dialog partners finishes his or her speech, and immediately afterwards the interpreter reproduces it in the other language. This creates a bilingual conversation that all participants can easily follow.

Service conference technology

Are you organizing an international event that requires interpreters and would also like to place the issue of conference technology in experienced hands?

Thanks to our long-standing business relationships with conference technicians, we can offer you the entire full-service package of conference technology along with interpreting from a single source.

We are at your side as competent contact partners and ensure that your multilingual event runs smoothly!

Interpreting for notarial recording

A notary performs the recording of the purchase contract, i.e. he or she will read out the contract in its entirety in the presence of all contracting parties. As a German notary, he/she usually reads out the deed in German. If one of the parties to the deed is not able to speak German according to their own statement or according to the conviction of the notary, a sworn interpreter must be called in according to Section 16 of the German Notarization Act, if the notary does not translate himself/herself.

Our experienced interpreters are also available for notarial recordings.

You can always rely on our recognized industry and professional expertise!

Service proof of understanding loan agreement

People who buy real estate usually take advantage of financing from a bank. The bank may require proof that the borrower has understood the German loan agreement.

In addition to the translated purchase contract and interpreting at the notarial recording, Christiane Starke offers a service for foreign-language borrowers: She goes through the loan agreement in detail with the buyers and can thus issue a corresponding confirmation of understanding to the bank as a sworn interpreter. The meeting usually costs the client one hour and can take place directly in the Wiesbaden office of Linguaforum GmbH.

This service allows you to have a smooth financing process!

Further services