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Our customers from industrial and commercial sectors

Architecture & Construction

We already support well-known clients in the architecture and construction industry, whether it is the translation of architects' contracts, building descriptions, website texts or property developers' contracts.


Are you an automotive manufacturer, automotive supplier or exhibitor who regularly requires translations of your technical documentation, product descriptions, data sheets, contracts or website texts and values industry-specific technical translations?

Banking and finance

As international markets become more and more interconnected, technical translations of texts from the banking, stock exchange and accounting sectors are becoming increasingly important.  The field of financial texts is wide and speaks its own language.

Coaching, Training & Consulting

In addition to the well-known large consulting firms that value our linguistic expertise, individual consultants, coaches and trainers are also increasingly exposed to the global market and provide their clients with strategic support in positioning themselves in the international environment.


Since our business customers are all active in the free economy, this area forms the core of our work, so to speak. Thanks to globalization, international trade relations are constantly on the rise. Business relations as well as subsidiaries abroad are becoming the norm.

HR & Job references

Especially for personnel decision-makers, personnel consultants and personnel departments (human resources), situations regularly arise in which they rely on our linguistic know-how and cultural sensitivity in this area.


Whether insurance policy, contract documents or insurance confirmation - Linguaforum is a reliable and trustworthy partner for both consumers and insurance companies when it comes to translating relevant insurance-specific documents.

IT & Telecommunications

Technical understanding and an affinity for telecommunications, digital innovations and state-of-the-art data technology - these are the qualities you can count on when having your data sheets, product descriptions, specifications, contracts and software translated with us.

Logistics and mobility

Numerous forwarding agencies and logistics service providers rely on our highly professional and reliable translations to ensure that their contracts, service and product descriptions, website texts and presentations stand out internationally and that they are legally on the safe side.

Marketing & Public Relations

Presentations, website texts and press releases require a language all of their own and should not sound like a contract. In particular, they also require a profound understanding of both the target market and the target group in order to achieve the desired effect.

Market research

Group interviews, surveys, statistical evaluations, and research work must be documented, transcribed, and translated, and sometimes interpreted during conversations.

Pharma & Medical Technology

Whether you are a global manufacturer of dialysis equipment, a medical care center, a research institute or a local private clinic with an international clientele - professional language services make a significant contribution to the success of your company and your business development activities.

Real Estate & Real Estate Transactions

From contracts and negotiations, marketing materials, building descriptions and investor meetings to notarial recording and the ultimate transfer of ownership, we are happy to assist law firms, developers, banks and investors in international real estate transactions.

Renewable energies

Solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, bioenergy, geothermal energy - renewable or regenerative energies with all sub-areas are among our special fields for your technical translation.

Our services

Don't get lost in translation - make it global!
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