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Short-term assignments: Dissatisfied with the speed of your translation agency?

Lawyers and legal departments frequently require flawless legal translations - often at relatively short notice.

Unfortunately, most translation agencies cannot meet this high standard. They deliver too slowly or in poor quality. This creates problems when consulting with clients or with team members in the department. The consequences are unnecessary stress and missing set goals.

Linguaforum is a translation agency specializing in legal translations that uses a proven process to prevent such problems.

The inconvenient truth behind most translation agencies

Most translation agencies act as generalists. In reality, they place their orders with external service providers. There is no proven process with a well-established team.

As a result, sensitive legal translations in particular cannot be delivered either in the required quality or in the required short-term timeframe.

Legal translations require precision and reliability

The craft of legal translation requires, above all, experience, the legal qualifications and a proven process. Unstructured work is out of place here.

The high quality standard is in the nature of things: Even small misinterpretations can sometimes have devastating consequences. Important processes, such as negotiations, become unnecessarily complicated.

This should make it clear:  Legal translations belong in the hands of experienced professionals.

This is the only way to ensure that legal translation gives you, as a lawyer, more focus in your operational business.

Linguaforum specializes in legal translations

Linguaforum GmbH, based in Wiesbaden, is a translation agency with a narrow specialization in legal translations.

Managing director Christiane Starke is a court-sworn legal translator. She has gained many years of experience in international law firms and corporate legal departments.

After a few years, she had compiled her accumulated experience into a structured process. The result is a consistently high-quality service that far exceeds the standards of other generalized translation agencies.

Short term deliveries with high-quality results are the standard

Linguaforum regularly delivers legal translations of high quality despite short lead times to numerous law firms and companies in the Frankfurt area.

Most translation agencies in Frankfurt do not have this quality standard and would not be able to meet it.

Linguaforum, as an experienced and specialized legal translation agency, provides you with more focus in your business operations. This makes it possible for you to provide professional legal advice to your clients in international contexts without stress.

Do you need high-quality legal translations every now and then? Then we should get to know each other

Leave unreliability, delays and inaccuracy in legal translations behind.

Linguaforum is your reliable partner for accurate legal translations. We value a long-term business relationship and cooperation based on partnership.

If you have experienced any of the typical problems with your current translation agency or need legal translations in the future, feel free to contact us.

Our services

Don't get lost in translation - make it global!
Do you have questions about our services or a specific request? Then give us a call right away at +49 611 7638 7000 or send us an e-mail!