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How to organize international supervisory board meetings or annual general meetings professionally

The organization of a supervisory board meeting or the annual general meeting requires tact and the required degree of professionalism. Especially in the case of international participation, precise linguistic support is required for interpreting the meeting and translating all documents in order to hold the event successfully. Only with a specialized and experienced service provider on your side can you ensure that everything runs smoothly and stress-free. 

The challenges of international supervisory board meetings or AGMs

Linguistic precision is already required during the preparation of the meetings. The invitation and the presentation of the agenda must comply with the business language and cultural code of the recipients. Even minor misconduct can cause confusion and reflect negatively on the company. 

During the meeting, precise interpreting of a consistently high quality is required. Shareholders, investors and other stakeholders must be able to interpret discussed content correctly at all times. 

Likewise, they must be presented with the annual reports of the company which must be approved during the meeting, in their national language. 

Mistakes or even translations that miss the technical terms of the foreign language are embarrassing and out of place. 

Why only specialists should get to work

Many translation agencies and interpreters act as generalists. They often draw on a network of self-employed people who are hired as freelancers at short notice. However, with this agility comes a problem that can become critical for you: These service providers do not have fixed processes and structures. Their work is all the more prone to errors or time unreliability. A specialized service provider, on the other hand, who has particular expertise in translating and interpreting in an international business field, follows a proven process. The results are of above-average quality.

Linguaforum GmbH is one of the least specialized language service providers in the Wiesbaden, Frankfurt and Rhine-Main area.


Christiane Starke is the founder and managing director of Linguaforum GmbH in Wiesbaden. 

After a long career in legal departments of international corporations and major law firms, she started her own business with a perfected translation and interpretation process. 

As a court-certified legal translator and interpreter, she supports internationally active companies in overcoming linguistic challenges. Speed, reliability and precision are values that characterize her company. 

For stress-free planning and professional execution: Linguaforum

If you want to plan an international supervisory board meeting or an annual general meeting stress-free and professionally, you need reliable support. 

Christiane Starke and Linguaforum GmbH are at your disposal if you want to impress shareholders, investors & stakeholders with a successful meeting. 

Make a phone appointment to get to know us without obligation and make your next supervisory board meeting or annual general meeting a dazzling success. 

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