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About us

areas of expertise at Linguaforum GmbH

About Linguaforum

We are your service provider for interpreting, certified translations and legal translations in the Wiesbaden, Frankfurt and Rhine-Main area.

The Linguaforum team consists of certified and sworn professional translators who are at your disposal for high-quality translations, including certified translations upon request. Our experienced interpreters are happy to work for you on a supra-regional and international basis. This allows us to always offer you competent language services directly on site.

Benefit from our expertise for your global external presence. We accompany our clients around the world!

About Christiane Starke:

Christiane Starke is the shareholder and managing director of Linguaforum GmbH, which was founded in 2011. As a court-sworn translator of the English language, she specializes in

  • translations of legal texts such as contracts and pleadings
  • translations of financial texts
  • certified translations of official documents and certificates
  • interpreting at general meetings and supervisory board meetings
  • interpreting at notary appointments with international clients
  • translating and interpreting for international public relations work and corporate communication

After graduating as a state-certified translator of English in the field of economics and successfully passing the translator's examination at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Wiesbaden, Christiane Starke has been working as a freelance translator since 2007, specializing in law, finance and public relations.

The judicial swearing-in before the Frankfurt Regional Court also certifies Christiane Starke's special professional qualifications and personal suitability for translations for courts, authorities and notaries.

Her high-level B-to-B clients have been benefiting from her expertise, experience and specialization for many years. Expats and private individuals with translation needs for official or government documents also greatly appreciate Christiane Starke's professional service.

As a certified business coach, Christiane Starke also offers international business and communication training. She supports executives and cross-cultural teams in achieving their goals, creating a vision, mastering challenges and managing change.

“As a translator and entrepreneur, I am passionate about facilitating international business relationships, helping companies and law firms do business globally."

Don't get lost in translation - make it global!

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